Who are we?

Our Misson

Driven by the aspiration of building a solar car, a group of mechanical and electrical engineering students assembled in late 2016, starting the SolEaters team at UCI. The team officially started in March 2017 after receiving professional advisement from professors and mentors. The SolEaters, containing fourty students from diverse majors (electrical, mechanical, biomedical, materials science engineering, physics, and business), plans to compete in the 2020 Formula Sun Grand Prix. Our goal is to design and build a functional solar car that complies with Formula Sun Grand Prix regulations.

Our team

Our team members learn how to machine, fabricate, and build industrial automotive components from raw materials in our on-campus solar car workshop.

Team Leaders

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Lizette Nguyen

Project Manager

Living in the most polluted region in the country, I joined Solar Car to contribute to the solution for sustainable transportation.

Paulo Garcia

Mechanical Lead

Yulissa Lemus

Electrical Lead

Subin Shrestha

Business Lead