Our electrical system is centered around Panasonic 18650BE batteries: one of the highest energy density batteries available on the market. Power generation will come from Sunpower Maxeon Mono solar cells, with an efficiency of approximately 22%, and technology that allows current to flow even when the cells are shaded. All of our electrical components are highly specialized for solar racing with efficiencies of up to approximately 99%.

In the end, our car will be powered by approximately 800-900 watts of solar power, less than the power required to run a household hair dryer! Our batteries will store a little under 5000 kWh of energy; by comparison this amount of energy will take you anywhere from about 10-20 miles in a modern day electric car. Our plan is to drive 2000 miles! By optimizing the efficiencies in our electrical system, and by working with the aerodynamics team, we will make a car capable of going the distance!