UC Irvine's Solar Car Progress

  • New Year, New Members


    Update No.8

    Our team has expanded and we have a few announcements regarding our plans for the prototype and production cars.

  • Blog-2


    Update No.7

    Welcome to our 2nd Solar Car Update!

  • Blog-1


    Update No.6

    Welcome to a fresh, new, and revitalized year for solar car. We are officially going to be doing a weekly blog with some extra blogs on special stuff happening in solar car. We have also changed our goals and are now shooting for FSGP/ASC 2020. Since we recently just had our first meeting I will go over what each of the teams are doing and the goals they have for the quarter.

  • Chassis Team


    Update No.5

    Our Chassis team has been working hard and long to build a jig and ensure the chassis is ready by the end of this quarter. Don’t wait up since the blog for the Electrical team is coming out soon enough!

  • Compositional Team


    Update No.4

    It has been a while since we last updated on progress. We have been hard at work. Tune in to see what our Composition team, lead by Bilal Said, has been working on.

  • Building the Frame


    Update no.3

    The first official quarter of the UCI Solar Car Team has ended. All teams have been hard at work this quarter and accomplished a lot in this quarter. We will continue to work hard on our car through the summer. :-)

  • Building a Solar Panel


    Update no.2

    Progress has been well underway on our solar car and we have made some very impressive advancements! We still have some ways to go, but the future’s looking bright and sunny for UC Irvine Solar Car!

  • Weekly Update


    Update no. 1

    We are starting off strong with our first ever UCI Solar Car Team! We have completed our first week of meetings for the new quarter! We’ve gotten a lot done so far. We had our first interview for the SDP Fund from Boeing to see how much funding we can get. As we design and build from scratch, join us on our awesome journey from start to finish!!!!! :~)